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B-25J-11 "NASTY NANCY" of the 75th B.S., 42nd B.G., 13th A.A.F.

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Print has a descriptive border with photos
of "Nasty Nancy's" Nose-Art and 13th
Army Air Corps "Crusaders" Crest.

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On 10 April, 1945, the 42nd Bomb Group’s Mission #48 was assigned to the men of B-25J "Nasty Nancy". Their job was to fly a racetrack route at  10,000’ over the city of Saigon, in broad daylight and lure Japanese fighters into a brawl. Japanese fighter  groups stationed near Saigon had been taking a continuous  toll on allied aircraft operating in the area. The plan was to lure the fighters into a trap using one lone B-25 as bait, the battle-weary "Nasty Nancy".  

Waiting high above "Nasty Nancy" in the thin cloud cover were American P-38’s poised to attack when the call sign "Little friends, Come Down and Play" was given. The ensuing battle saw "Nasty Nancy’s" tail gunner, William Outlaw (right) duel approaching fighters with his .45 caliber pistol after the jamming of his heavy machine guns. Many of the Japanese fell for the ruse and a considerable number were subsequently shot from the sky. The crewmen of "Nasty Nancy" were officially credited with 4 kills, and lived to tell the tale of this wild "Shoot-Out Over Saigon".
Copyright 2014 Randy Green.

“Please know that your art is invaluable.  It is more than brushstrokes on canvas - you’ve assembled a patchwork of the lives of some incredible young men...men who were too modest or heroic to articulate their experiences in that dreadful conflict.  Many, like my grandfather, are lost to the ages.  Their families know little about their role in that world-wide struggle.  Your work has opened so many doors to so many families, giving us clues to the boys they were and the men they became.
And we are richer for it.”
All best,

Reynolds Wolf, 
CNN On-Air

Reynolds' Grandfather, Lt. William Miles Wolf, Jr., flew "Nasty Nancy" while assigned to the 13th AAF in the Pacific Theatre.

Crew Photo courtesy of Tom Gipe

Decal Image courtesy of themodellingnews.com

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